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Busy woman's tingly eyes.

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It’s warm here, warm and lush looking. The whole place surrounded by water, reclaimed marshland made into gardens, tiny channels for long thin boats to travel along, like the marshes in turkey.
today we took a look at the art in the landscape a joint European thing.
This bench is really lovely .
French bench
This piece is called the last splash and reminds me of the derelict fun fairs up and down the north and east coast .
memories of fun
This is something I have never seen before only heard of, a dead duck – French most probably ?
dead duck

Nick green has most likely inspired Europe to build raised beds, this is built by the people who have the cathedral, planted with medieval herbs.
French cathedral raised beds

They like their Guys without heads? Dig the fancy pants?
fancy pants

We saw some lovely gardens, great scale , human and hobbitty .
perfect French garden

I ate these red things thinking they were wild strawberries, they were yukaroo
not strawberries

The French have many uses for veg, look at this lamp stem?
French corn cob lamp

here we have a lovely poster of what women need to do in the morning.
womans work

Anyone who knows me has seen my love of toys, this little house is my dream sort of house, it’s oozing dollieness don’t you think.
French house
Here is hoping for a lovely day talking about growing with landscapers tomorrow.
Au revoir.

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