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Busy woman September 2017

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Knitting fog, plaiting corn
Plaited corn at cop shop
and weaving dreams.
It’s a hard, hard rain that falls on the public space, when you don’t own the land you grow on, you don’t employ staff who weed the gardens.
Owning nothing and paying no one are great goals and sustainable in the long run.
Sustainable doesn’t mean easy, gee heck it’s a million miles from easy.

Being a leader has its challenges, keeping people on the same page, acknowledging their hard work, erasing mistakes, trying to remember everyone’s names.
Knowing your spelling irritates some folk as well as the swearing! Knowing you can’t control either.
Ime not on winge, I am telling it like it is.

The public space is where we have chosen to demonstrate the biodiversity, the power of the soil, the seasons, the kindness of strangers.
That means what ever we do can be undone. What ever we build can be moved.
Every creature in the world can shit on our plants.
The public space is our space, we the people, the citizens, the sower of seeds.
what we are doing sign
It’s an act of bravery to nurture plants with no fences no easy access to water. Today we saw the newly planted and hop mulched Theatre beds have had to be moved.
The new beds down the canal have had all the top stones knicked.
We saw the nettles have grown 6 feet high in the wrong place.
We saw the beer bottles dog muck and rubbish in some beds.

Tomorrow is Sunday gardening and we shall move the rubbish, cut back the nettles and move the Poo
clearing tow path
We will do it with good grace, a bit of joy. While we do it, loads of people will pass, cyclists will wave, some will stop and pick a herb, others will say well done, I have seen folk cry before, cry with joy, that in a trumped up world a bunch of folk are trying.
Afterwards, we will eat and tell stories of kindness.
free  lunch
If I had time I could recall at least 6 stories just from today of the amazing kind things people have offered.
It is like knitting with fog,
creating rainbows up ugly fences
it’s also like seeing rainbows and shooting stars.
Every day I am bowled over by the kindness of people.

What would Bob Dylan say?

“May your hearts always be joyful. May your songs always be sung.”

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