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Busy woman warming up for spring

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It felt good yesterday sorting out the tow path, planting stuff, moving other peoples filth, feeding people and making sure the kids don’t drown.
when I got home I was rewarded by several things a picture of my teenage self in the special training school for activists.
Mary at an actavist training camp

Reward number two a drive in a car to Bradford to see the film -grand Budapest hotel afterwards a Bradford curry house with a man shouting, weird table ware but fabulous fast authentic food.

Today sunshine, I am in heaven, light and dry mmmmm bring it on.
My worm crop are all pregnant, how do I know?
I do trust me, it’s a worm farmers business.
I planted seeds indoors and potted things out doors, the lovage was a bugger to split I hope it survives.
I have seen huge bumblebees and tits of every sort in the garden.
Stabbed a load of slugs and squished vine weevils babies, I might be a vegan but I am a killer at heart.

I was sent a picture of a dogs bottom with A faint line of you know who in it judge for yourself.

It’s a truth you either know or not.

We have a pie man in town who is keen on kindness he made another whopper for the tow path cleaners,
Tony Pieman
Activists with big ovens are rare and valuable.
canal clean up day
This pretty log was being used as a sword until confiscated by mean granny,
pretty sword
some thing are too nice for fighting boys .

I need prams quickly, you would think I wanted kryptonite,
veg baby pram
they are so hard to find the folk in Veg out Barny are going to lend me one. I just need 5 more.

Someone else in town besides busy woman is putting up posters its great stopping and reading the kind of truths we know, but they seem to give a jolt when spelled out in front of you.
I for one
Bravo to the activist.

You will have noticed I have not blogged for a long time, partly driven by my loathing of face book and folk who love to comment on spelling and grammar, the folk who love to tickle you with pointy sticks.
I’ve been toughening up and doing the oh aren’t they sad, nothing better to do and all that jazz.
I’ve been reading some local sites and been truly glued to the crap that folk talk, the assumption’s and rumour and gossip that goes on, I have seen dozens of folk I know commenting on things they have no idea about, gee it’s a head burner the old face book stuff.
I am waking up to the FB world so be patient; keep me away from a keyboard after a glass of red and no one will be hurt!

All that said, I LOVE the internet, I love it like the Archers and PM.
Tomorrow let the sunshine please………

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