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Calder Cubs get Incredibly Edibly Busy..... page 1

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The 20th Pennine Calder cubs as a pack are joining the Incredible Edible Todmorden project.

Page Updated 4/3/2009

They will be growing veg, salads, soft fruits and flowers in a garden kindly donated by the mother of one of their leaders, Shere Khan (AKA Mags Thorp), and hope to sell any surplus through local retailers to raise funds for the pack.

The project starts at the beginning of February, and they hope to run it throughout the year. Shere Khan hopes that, as well as getting the cubs back in touch with where their food comes from, she will be able to arrange farm visits to fully explain the food cycle, arrange cookery demonstrations at Scout Group coffee mornings and that the cubs will gain badges to demonstrate their acquisition of new skills.

The Garden the cubs are taking over before work starts

cubs garden 1cubs garden 2

Seedlings coming on in the window, ready for companion planting with the veg

cubs seedlings 1cubs seedlings 2

Watch this space for growing updates

page 2 cub garden is finally on track

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