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Calder Cubs Garden Update

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From Shere Khan (AKA Mags Thorp),

The news from the cub garden is that things are finally on track. The part of the garden which will be planted is dug over and ready for our seedlings. We have peas, runner beans, tomatoes, peppers, chillis, spring onions, shallots, radishes, parsley, oregano, basil, sage, chives, baby leaves for salads, cucumbers, potatoes, carrots, red cabbages and strawberries all hardening off in the green house during the day. My poor mum’s kitchen still looks like a fledgling nursery at night though as we bring them all inside in case of frost. All 100 of our sweet pea seedlings have survived and have been potted on and again are hardening off outside during the day. The raspberry canes we found at the back of the garden have been left in situ as have three rose bushes which I hope I haven’t killed.

We decided that it would be easier for the cubs to maintain mostly pots and boxes so the potatoes have been planted in sturdy sacks and the sweet peas will go along the side hedge in pots to grow up obelisks and through the hedge. Cabbages, carrots, shallots, radishes, peas and beans will be ground planted but everything else will be grown in pots on the area left as grass.

Next week at meeting the cubs will be testing their design and build skills as they construct obelisks from canes and twine for the sweet peas, cucumbers, peas and runner beans.

As the days grow longer and gang show commitments lessen we hope to take the cubs up at least once a week – although mum has said they can just go up and pick anytime they like – as long as she hasn’t gone on one of her holidays spending my inheritance.

If anyone has any spare pots or troughs or really anything we can plant in – although mum is drawing the line at old toilets and baths, though she is not averse to the odd Belfast sink – please would you consider donating them to our boys. Thanks in advance.

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