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Change in the life of.........

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A retirement less ordinary

Didn’t grow (apart from my nails) didn’t cook, didn’t write, didn’t know anyone.
Well that was me before, except I did know three people. Pam, Mary, and Nick, all of them incredible, so something was bound to happen and that something was Incredible edible.
Now I cook sort of, I make bread in a bread maker to my own invented recipes,

that is kind of cooking,

I have a windowsill farm, and grow the herbs for my herby bread recipes so that is kind of growing. I don’t even have to leave my computer to do it which is very important being the nerd that I am.

As for retirement there can’t be many more meaningful jobs the state pension could pay for than my full time commitment to the Incredible cause.

I get to talk to and write about folks from all over the UK and the world, and when they come visit I have the divine job of showing off our Incredible town and our growing sites, I couldn’t have a better job. Alan and I are co webbies so that is another exciting part of life, I get to do all kinds of digital artwork making banners etc;

and as gate keeper of many photos I also help make some of our chairs presentations, maybe one day I may even get bold enough to speak myself who knows, this certainly is a retirement less ordinary so anything could happen.
I chat to TV companies, Magazines, media people, politicians, luvvies, writers all kinds of people I wouldn’t otherwise have met. I get to photograph some of my heroes and royalty too.

Who knows one day I may get to snap you.
Incredible Edible has changed my life and there is no putting the stopper back in this Gini’s bottle.
I have gone from a wouldn’t say boo, jumped at my own shadow and never voiced an opinion shrinking violet to a strong confident silver top that is difficult to stop enthusing and evangelising about all things Incredible.
My life is completely changed for the better as I am sure it has for many others who volunteer. I now have so many friends and belong to the huge incredible family that is IET.

So thanks Incredibles for the new life I never dreamed I could have.

You can be be incredible too, volunteer here

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