Christmas treats and party joy

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We had such a joyful day of treat making workshops today in Tods glories Unitarian building, followed by good food at our community lunch

Kirsten taught us how to make marzipan pigs

and explained about the traditional Danish Christmas dish, risengrød its a rice pudding with a single whole almond added and the person who finds it wins a marzipan pig,
marzipan pigs
some small people couldn’t quite manage pigs
so made marzipan earthworms
marzipan worms
but it was all great fun.

some of our young volunteers made Christmas treats for the birds
making Christmas bird food
but they had to work fast as some naughty elves kept eating the makings
pilfering elves

Others made peppermint creams and chocolate truffles
working in pairs was good for truffle making
pairing up to learn how to make chocolate truffles
there were soon lots of these delicious morsels
chocolate truffles
and the table started to fill up with goodies
all merry and bright
my favourite workshop of the day was probably how to make vegan baileys
vegan baileys
where I happily took the roll o quality controll taster

We also freshened up some of the decorations ready for a wedding straight after Christmas
fun on December third Sunday 2015
while others made more pigs they are just so cute and taste good too.
soon it was time for our incredible lunch of homemade dhal with flat bread
dhal lunch
and freshly made falafel
Christmas falafel
there was mince pies and iced gingerbread with
mulled wine and mulled apple juice for the little people
Adam enjoys a brew
it was an all round brilliant end to an incredible year

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