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College beds get a makeover

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Despite the freezing cold the community team with help from guys from Calderdale Recovery Steps set about replacing the growing beds outside the community college.
wood for new beds delivered
Masses of new timber arrived ready to be cut to size by Fred
Fred get sawing
and one of the guys, son they soon had planks ready to use
cutting timber to size
The rest of the guys got to work emptying the compost from the old beds
Recovery centre lads get stuck in
all that shovelling and sawing kept everyone warm which was good
and it wasn’t long before the first bed was demolished
first old bed comes to bits
Fred and co got straight on with building its replacement
first new bed takes shape
and with help from Ginny it soon started to take shape
centre support goes in
it was great to see me new more manageable bed in place
and being filled with compost ready for planting out next spring
new bed gets filled with soil
soon there was another super new bed at the other end
second new bed finished
the space in between is being cleared to take more tall beds
removing the old middle beds and making the space ready for new ones
It really is a massive job but will be amazing when it’s done
and the beds will be so much easier to work on and to pick from.
All this work deserved a reward so Mary and Jude went off to
Grandma Pollards for a feast
Tony Pollard is such a great guy he donated a sausage
and chip lunch to each of the incredible workers
Tony Pollard with Jude
The perfect feast for a cold day and it went down a real treat
sausage and chips reward for hard work
there is a lot more hard work to do but a good start has been made
and it will be truly incredible when its finished.

Huge thanks to the all the amazing recovery guys who came to help,
to Tony Pollard for his generosity, Fred for his hard work and carpentry skills
and of course to Jude and Ginny for all their planning and hard work

nice one guys

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