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What an incredible year

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We are coming to the year’s end, nearly there.
I did my last speaking gig in Harrogate yesterday for the John Thompson Partnership.
Today is the community singing a few gallons of mulled wine required, couple hundred mince pies.
Sunday is our last gardening day of the year, the children will cook the lunch in between making marzipan pigs,

chocolate fruits and other homemade goodies.
chocolate truffles
We can look back on a year of adventure floods, awards, new projects, amazing artworks, new comrades, and a home for our tools.
Waste food in our new on-site freezer and that will make a happy cook.
It’s been a wowser of a year, a big year, a busy year, sometimes it felt like we couldn’t keep all the balls in the air, we did, we made new friends up and down the country, we earned money to keep going and were able to be generous to other people, something that is very important to us.
Next year we have great stuff in the bag already.

Tours and talks booked in, and surprises that even we don’t know about.
Bring it on universe, the Incredibles are ready.
we are an amazing team, when one of us stumbles another steps forward, when jobs don’t get done no one is cross, we have learned to be together in a joyful productive way.
I have had the chance to be your chair again and I know how very lucky I am to be part of such a Team
Mary Clear
Chair person.

Tours stop in November starting again in the spring but this morning I (Estelle) had a phone call from a young student from China who having just graduated was celebrating by going travelling. He was in Todmorden when I asked where he said outside Saker whole food, I said to go in their cafe and I would be there in 15 minutes. Really pleased I did they were lovely and so interested in what we do. surprise visitors from China
we went on a little tour there isn’t a lot growing at the moment but they could still get a good idea of what its all about
what's growing in this bed
They liked the way we promote local businesses and try to support the local economy.
Loads of photos taken of the incredible artwork and they said that the way we reach children with pictures and interactive pieces was very impressive. It’s good to spin our three plates

All too soon it was time to say goodbye, and the final surprise was Chen pushing a £50.00 note in my hand as a donation towards our work.
at the police station
There is coffee and cake for you here in Tod anytime guys if you come over again from China.

What surprise tours might come our way next year?

Estelle Brown
Tour guide

Lots more on our facebook page, its public so you dont nee to join facebook to read it
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