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Community groupies

Last update: 15.09.11 First posted: 15.09.11 by in

What a week hurricane katia, sleet, cold and hot sun

We had it all this week as the community group got to grips with a few jobs around town.
First Sunday saw a team at the apothecary garden which is a mass of colour

Monday saw a team back working on weeding and tidying the front of the health Centre

While Katia threw all kinds of weird weather at them.
By Tuesday they had everything from gales and sleet to bright sunshine.

Thursday we went to the herb garden on Burnley Road the other end of town

The supervisor took things easy but made sure we got on with it “I’m working Stan honest”

Mary Jenny and Joe got busy

We did make rather a mess

But Saul helped to clean it all up with a dustpan and brush

Some mums passing by stopped to show the herbs to the little ones, they are coming to harvest festival and asked about volunteering

Your never too young too learn.

Well I think we licked it into shape

Your community group needs you! yes you, reading this, come and join the fun.

To volunteer email Sarah our ace coordinator to get your name on our muckin list and receive all our call outs, working together really is great.

It has been a brilliant incredible week

Want to help?

There are loads of ways you can help us in our work. For more information click here. Or email Estelle.