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Community Growing Reduces Vandalism, FACT!

Last update: 24.08.10 First posted: 24.08.10 by in

We know the incidence of vandalism in town has reduced, but it was still nice to have it confirmed.

Sergeant Graham seen here at Jayne’s veg plot in front of the police station

said as much to Stewart Whittingham and Royal Photographer Arther Edwards from The Sun when they visited Tod on Friday.

This is an extra spin off we hoped for but weren’t sure we would get, but bringing people together to share food, be it growing, picking or just plain eating it seems to strike a chord and folk are just kinder and more considerate of each other and of our town.

So our policemen smile and so do we. Maybe we should spin an extra plate, not just the three, Community, Education and Business, maybe there should be a “Safer Kinder” plate added to the show

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