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Cook it in a Hay Box!!!

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sent in to us by Susie Hay, London…thanks Susie!!

“Even cheaper to use than a crockpot – parsimonious carbon friendly Scottish cooking

My mother – a wonderful cook – used a hay box daily for porridge and stews. For proper porridge: pin head oatmeal, water, salt, (according to recipe) brought to boil and then the pan (with lid on!) placed in the centre of a large cardboard box filled with hay. cover with hay (make sure hay is all around the pan including on top), close the box and leave overnight – the porridge will be ready in the morning. I think she also put a folded newspaper on top of the hay before closing the box – for added insulation.

Prepare any stew to the point where you would leave it to simmer or put in the low oven and do as above = yums. “

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