Count down to B Day for the green route

Last update: 29.05.12 First posted: 28.05.12 by in

Liam, Fred and Tom are licensed to drill, spot their handiwork around the town, there will be new things appearing every day in the run up to Bee Day, the Green Route launch on June 4th

Have you seen this bug hotel, do you know what street these bees and bugs will be living on?

See if you can find it before tomorrow when countdown will bee on day 5 and the full photo of this sort after bug residence will be revealed.

Could these bees be sporting trendy hairstyles and wearing Wellington boots?

All will become crystal clear when we count down to day five.

New signs are appearing all around the green route,

and by B Day there will be incredible art work too, so keep your eyes open for them as you go around our town

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