Don't be scared in the Trumped up world .

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The power of small actions and kindness will keep us safe.
keep away from the bad stuff and celebrate the good.
Yesterday 22 people big and small came out to garden and clean the town.
It’s a drop in a boiling ocean maybe ? or a pinprick of light in the darkness, it doesn’t matter we are up for hope.

Everything has changed and will change more, what hasn’t changed is the power of good people.
We don’t need numbers, troops or crowds we need little guys and girls, oldies too.
Growing food, eating together and keeping the environment nice is our camouflage, we are using those actions to deliver the real magic. We are wearing gloves and hi viz not to protect us but to connect us, to the earth and to community.
Yes, we have weapons, trowels and bin bags, rakes and hoes, tasty dinners and companionship.
We are activists/ fighters, lovers of worms and Swiss chard.
It’s our 9 th year and we are not done, we are not weary or teary , we are energised and ready to march to a tune, not a trumpety tune, our own tune, it’s not very loud but we like it.
There’ room in our barracks for you, come under the wire, close to the ground, it’s kinder with nature and the little sparks are creating warmth.

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