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Getting ready for next years growing

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A team of eight IET volunteers turned out on Sunday morning to clear beds where vegetables were finished and start to get them ready for next years crops. Beds at the station and outside the Community College were covered with a mixed layer of Donkey manure and autumn leaves.
Look out for these posters on the beds

Over the winter this will protect the soil from the worst of the winter weather and worms will work to break up and carry the goodness down into the soil to feed next years crops.

As well as the regular team we were delighted to be joined by Asa and Indio (hope I have got your names right boys), two sturdy lads who stopped off on their way to a cycle ride and with their mum helped collect and carry fallen leaves. It is great to have young people so keen to help and so helpful and we look forward to seeing them again.

We now have beds still growing food for picking this year,

some onions planted to overwinter for pulling next year, green manure in some beds and manure and autumn leaves on others in preparation for 2012.

Winter is fast approaching so there will be much less to do, we are looking forward to the weed growth slowing down, however we will be still working in December and planning is needed for the year ahead and the volunteers will be having a special meeting in January to plan the years work and to share some cake!

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