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Even more of a buzzzzzz one year on

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One year ago we set out to make a route to bring visitors into our town centre, to help bees and provide fun information for children about these buzzing plant buddies, like this very popular play hive
living interactive children's hive

It seems to have been a roaring success on all counts, with an increase in both visitors and bees.

We are seeing a lot of the wild variety like the tree bumble bees Bombus hypnorum, also known as the “new garden bumble bee”, they have made their nests in several empty bird houses in peoples gardens,
bird box tree bumble nest
they are very docile friendly bees and great pollinators so are a tremendous asset to any garden. We think the rise in numbers is down to all the wonderful bee friendly planting around town by IET and even more by the wonderful Tod in Bloom group who have planted great swathes of bees favourite flowers.

Now when we show visitors the growing sites they are often covered in all sorts of wild bees as well as the occasional honey bee.

If you have old or dead trees or stumps in your garden you may be lucky and have another great pollinator carpenter bees moving in,
carpenter bees nesting in dead tree

so if you have a wild corner with some dead wood do keep it and help friendly insects and pollinators by providing them with a home.
The books we bought about bees are available at Tod library

So if you wish to learn more. dig out your library ticket, and get yourself a good book

We hope to keep visitors and pollinators buzzing about our town.

Want to help?

There are loads of ways you can help us in our work. For more information click here. Or email Estelle.