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Extreme Salad Man Stephen Barstow talks in Tod

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Would people come after we changed the venue twice?
Well of course they did incredible folks are kind and tolerant.
we started with a tour at 11 going along the towpath past our edimental bed.
Here is Stephen with our apricot tree which has lots of lovely tiny fruit getting bigger every day
Stephen Barstow under the apricot tree
we went right along the tow path through the apothecary garden
and across to the community theatre’s “To bee or not to bee” beds
Stephen Barstow with tour group at the Hypperdrome beds
along past Physio and Therapies wonderful food to share bed
visitors look at Physio and therapey bed
we then went via pollination street and on to the police station
Stephen and our visitors at Tod police station
where the globe artichoke is doing really well its getting covered in healthy globes cant wait for them to be big enough to eat.
Last stop was the railway station where everyone posed for the last photo of the tour proudly showing of bags full of bread and tasty treats from Saker the baker
last stop on the tour is the railway station
then we parted company so everyone could shop and have lunch before the afternoon talk.

Stephen and I went back to Mary’s where we had lunch and he got busy
signing books, this is my copy and I love it.
Stephen Bartsow writing a dedication in his book

it was soon time to go up to the Unitarian and get set up before people started arriving
63 people came to hear Stephen talk
over 60 folk made their way up the hill to hear Stephen speak
chap in the coffin say donte eat buttercups
the chap in the coffin says “don’t eat buttercups” but Stephen assured us that the petals when cooked or dried are edible and tasty and but raw of the whole plant is only mildly toxic, so it must have been something else that carried him off, or he really pigged out on raw buttercups
so much to learn
We learned so much about perennial edibles from all around the world, it was hard to take it all in but happily lots of the info is in his incredible book and on his website it was just fascinating
we all learned a lot about plants around the world
lots of folk bought books so they can carry on learning at home
book sales
all too soon I had to leave and miss the last part of the talk but I can learn more all the time from Stephen’s edimental blogs on the website www.edimentals.com
thats me going to be busy for a while as I now want perennial edibles in my garden

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