Ferney Lee getting ready for the new season

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Ferney Lee Growers preparations

January days may be short on daylight but soon the greenhouse at Ferney Lee Care Home will be full of rows of seedlings, peaking their heads up through the soil.
But first the greenhouse needed a good clean, so a couple of weeks ago,
four of us met,
Stella washing inside the green house
armed with ladders and brushes and set to.
cleaning the greenhouse at Ferney Lee care home
It never really got light that day, but we worked hard and the
John grime busting on the greenhouse roof
greenhouse was given a thoroughly incredible clean.

Planning what to grow in the town centre beds. A group of twenty or so
volunteers from the community group met last week to make final decisions about what to grow in the town centre beds.
growing plan for the police station
Jenny and Joy had drawn lovely plans so we could all see their ideas. Most of the plants will be raised from seed by the Ferney Lee Growers, so we needed to decide what seeds to buy in time for sowing, which will start next month in our now clean and shiny greenhouse

read all about the meeting here

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