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Finishing apothecary garden flood repairs

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The first thing I noticed on arrival at the garden today was
the gravel free car parks
no gravel left on car park
all was safely back on the paths where it should be
gravel back where it should be on the paths
everyone had worked very hard New Year’s day getting things
back as they should be.
But there was still work to do as
roots showing after flood
trees had suffered when soil was washed away from their roots
tree roots washed bare
We had been composting the garden waste there for years
made onsite compost
so we had some really good stuff it just had to be shovelled into bags
bagging the compost ready to use
they shoveled and shoveled as hard as they could

and filled lots and lots of bags with lovely compost
lots of bagged up compost
which was spread over the exposed tree roots with tender loving care
compost added with TLC
until every tree was covered in rich homemade goodness
roots nicely covered
Sadly the rain returned with a vengeance but we had done enough so we cleared up
nearly done time to clear up
Tod is on flood alert again so we may have to do it all again but
we have our fingers crossed.
The geese on the canal don’t mind the rain at all and seem to
find our efforts amusing
the geese found it all very amusing

There was one joyous thing of beauty that shouldn’t be possible,
witch hazel and calendula flowering together
it shouldn't be possible but marigolds and witch hazel in flower together
The climate has certainly gone crazy this winter.

let’s all hope for an incredible summer

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