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First Harvest from Mary's Sharing Garden

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Anyone for Radish

Ali and the first crop of radish The first harvest from Mary’s propaganda garden.
This sharing garden has grown new friendships along with new veg, here Ali shows the freshly pulled white radishes a little effort certainly does bring results.
Red or white these radish are all right Not only white but red, how tasty is that?
I can just imagine what exotic recipes Ali will be cooking with those beauties. But Ali says they can do bigger and better so a new crop is being sown.
What a treat for everyone visiting Mary’s roadside garden.
Salad leaves herbs veggies, looking at the photo, there will be an abundance of everything for folks to share. I shall be picking a few tasty treats for myself too, I am not going to miss out on all the good stuff.
Mary, Fred and Ali grew to be friends by growing veg in a sharing garden,
We can all do this.

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