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First incredible group tour from China

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Today was exciting our first big delegation from mainland China, I have done tours for individuals from China but never for a big organised group like this before. After everyone had got a cup of tea I told them the Incredible Edible story,
Estelle with interpreter presents to Chinese delegation
they were so on the ball and asked so many pertinent questions it was a joy. Then we split the group into two, Jude taking half with the lovely Ming who had come along to translate,
the other half with their interpreter came with me
half of the visitors at library lock
and we set off to walk the Incredible Todmorden Way in opposite directions,
calling in at the market and chatting with Nick about his dad’s eggs at Mellings Butchers
discussing eggs in the market

We passed each other half way round.
groups passing in the street
then it was back to the Unitarian for one of Hilary’s fabulous vegan lunches,
incredible vegan lunch
It was well received and everyone had seconds
then just time for a quick photo with Jude and I before they all had to leave
Incredible Chinese and Italian visitors
We learned so much from each other, it really was an incredible day

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