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First Sunday 2015, seed sewing

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February 1st dawned bright and sunny but bellow freezing and stayed that way. Would anyone come out on such a bitter day?
We were using the AquaGarden’s polytunnel to bring on our plants for the new season, it is less than ten minutes from my front door so I toddle off expecting it to be just Jenny and myself, but I was very wrong.
Incredible volunteers are made of sterner stuff
plenty of volunteers
There were plenty of jobs to be done, Jenny and Elaine set about getting a layer of straw on top of the horse manure making up a hot bed
Elaine and Jenny get a layer of straw onto the hot bed
on top of that went a layer of compost, ready for our soon
to be potted seeds to sit on.
on top of the layer of straw go compost
Meanwhile Jude and peter prepare pots compost
and labels for the broad beans
Jude and Peter sort the pots labels and compost
You can never have too much chard, it’s pretty to and tastes good
you cant have too much chard
so we sowed lots both coloured and green, the chard beds will look glorious
sowing chard
plenty of broad beans a good food staple
plenty of broad beans
once everything was potted up it was placed on the hot bed.
Richard and Jenny carefully folded fleece
folding fleece
which covered the precious pots and tucked them in all cozy
sown seeds tucked up in the hotbed under fleece.

Next to be tackled was the long bed, stones were removed
digging out stones
and it was covered with a deep layer of horse manure
a nice deep layer of muck

Time to rpair to the AquGarden kitchen for mugs
of Jenny’s delicious hot soup.
hot soup for the workers
warm and full of soup we set about cleaning up our mess
Richard and Joy clean up
and wending our weary way home from the hill
home go the workers, home from the hill

The Hill
the hill

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