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First Sunday in April , industrious and sunny

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It was an exciting day being the first time planting in the super new college beds
Like new potatoes fresh from the ground?
watch the end beds where Jude planted some first earlies
Jude plants first early potatoes
if broad beans are your favourite then its the beds at the other end for you
These are the beans we planted in February
Adam waters the newly potted beans
the newspaper pots we used worked well
 newspaper pots work very well
and the beans all came up a treat
the beans we planted end of February came up a treat
so we could fill the bean bed
broad been get planted into the new beds
they should do really well here, hope you all like broad beans.
There were pea sprouts ready to go in the next bed
pea sprouts ready to plant at community college

The new protection hoops for fleece or netting Fix it Fred make were tried for size
checking protection hoops will fit when needed
so if needed our crops will be safe from both frosts and delinquent jackdaws.

meanwhile, the younger incredible volunteers picked litter on Pollination Street
little litter pickers
putting it all in the bins where folk should have placed in the first place,
litter goes in the bin
we can all learn a thing or three from children.

Obi and Ira tidied herbs the Lever Street beds
Obi and Ira tidy her plants

Adam and Stephen took a quick break by the pear tree bed
Adam and Stephen take 5
before heading off to their next job, on their way along the towpath
they met Dean with his Macaw George
on the way to the next job Adanm ans Stephen meet Dean with George the Mackaw
George could have flown off at any time but he stayed and said hello.
Too soon it was time to get to work and tackle those old fennel stalks.
Stephen and Adam remove last years fennel stalks
It was such a good day and lovely to see the apricot by the canal in blossom
Canal apricot in blssom
And I wonder who accidently planted a pear tree yesterday by the car park?
new pear tree planted
whoever it was did a fine job, there is now a pear and apple and a mulberry tree in that plot.

A great day in a grand town

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