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First Sunday herb team at the Apothecary Garden

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What a gorgeous afternoon to spend down in my favourite patch!

I was looking forward to this, having arranged for our herbalist Danielle to come down to help with harvesting at the apothecary garden…and lovely to have other team members to help with all the work that needed doing.
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Ziggy and Isaac set to harvesting Lemon balm while their mother Danielle prepared to turn them into tinctures.
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Meanwhile Sue got on with clearing up the comfrey corner, to allow the Witch-Hazel trees some space. We added some of the comfrey to our ‘weed soup’ barrel, and used some of the soup on the roots of the witch hazel to feed them before the winter set in…
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We marvelled at the wonderful intricacies of nature shown in these beautiful Echinacea seed-heads… we dug one plant up but decided to leave them for another year before we used some of the roots in a tincture…but I was impressed at Ziggy’s knowledge of what the different herbs could be used for…
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Danielle prepared the Lemon Balm leaves for a Melissa tincture,
Apoth 10 this will be ready in about a month, after the dark glass jars, packed with leaves and alcohol, are agitated every few days until the oils have incorporated into the alcohol…This will be great as a remedy for calming the body and aiding sleep.
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A break for a snack…it’s hungry work, all this herb gathering, and we added oregano flowers to our cheese pastries to spice them up a bit…delicious!
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Rita got on with trimming the lavender, interrupted now and again by the occasional vociferous duck!
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Ziggy takes a break from harvesting to help by filling up the glass jars with lemon balm…the dark glass helps to protect the tincture from sunlight. It’s lovely to watch a child so young working so confidently with herbs, obviously Mum has been training her up!
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Sue is eager to prepare some of the tansy for tincture making. It is used to aid commencement of menstruation, as well as being good as a wash for skin problems such as acne. It is a dangerous herb for pregnant women to come into contact with.
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i’m very impressed with the tincture jars that Danielle uses in her work as a practising herbalist… Hopefully we will hold a herb day soon to explore some of the tinctures and teas that can be made with the herbs in our garden…It’s great to have her on our team, and lovely that she shares my desire to begin working closely with the Health Centre and really use our Apothecary garden for the wonderful resource that it is!

We all had a wonderful afternoon, and were pleased with the steady stream of visitors too…

If you would like to be involved with the Apothecary garden, or would like to learn more about using herbs, then please feel free to join us on either the first Sunday of the month from 2pm till 4pm or the third Sunday of the month from 10am till 12 noon. I can be emailed at or phone me on 07759 815946

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