Flippin' 'eck !! Come dine with us

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‘Healthy Snacks in a Burger van’ at St Joseph’s 21.02.12

When I was offered a ‘Burger Van’ slot at St. Joseph’s in February, Shrove Tuesday was too good an opportunity to miss so February 21 found us in the school yard again, this time tossing our pancakes.Tony had cooked soup and wraps there last November, so everyone knew what to expect – Free Food from IET !

We offered a choice of toppings .. golden syrup, peanut butter, sugar, lemon and chocolate spread along with the ‘Healthy Option’ of fresh fruit … oranges, kiwi, pineapple, blueberries and bananas. Syrup, bananas & blueberries were popular choices but it came as no surprise that chocolate spread was a clear winner !

Pupils, parents and grandparents queued patiently while the mini pancakes (blini size, 4 to a pan) were cooked.The girls practising netball in the hall made sure they placed an order for 12 full size pancakes to be ready for them when they finished at 5pm !

Those with a dairy intolerance, egg allergy or vegan diet were pleased to find that all ingredients were animal free.Everyone else enjoyed them
regardless, though many were surprised that egg free pancakes are possible !

The packs of pancake mix we offered soon disappeared.
The mix comprised:
100g plain flour
10g soya flour
& a pinch of salt.
All it needed was to add :
200m soya (or other) milk
& 50m water
A good whisk et voila ! a cheap, relatively healthy and very easy after school snack.
Many thanks to St Joseph’s for the advance publicity and to the pupils for being so patient, polite and hungry !!
I’m sure we’ll be back.

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