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Some of the questions we often get asked

Q / what is Incredible Edible, Todmorden?
A / A movement made up of passionate people working together for a world where all share responsibility for the future wellbeing of our planet and ourselves.
We aim to provide access to good local food for all, through
• working together
• learning – from field to classroom to kitchen
• supporting local business

Q/ When was IET started and why?
A/ Incredible Edible Todmorden started in early spring 2008 because we could see problems ahead and decided it was no good waiting for governments to do something we would stop being victims and just do it. We could make a kinder safer more sustainable environment for ourselves and our grandchildren

Q/ Who are the people behind the project and what do they do?
A / A bunch of committed folk from all walks of life who care. It was decided to call a meeting to see who would be up for making something happen. 59 people turned up and a movement was born.

Q/ How has Incredible Edible grown and what difference has it made to the people of Todmorden?
A / From that initial meeting we have grown incredibly we now have close to 1,000 fruit trees around town All the services like the police fire and railway stations all have community beds growing food. The theatre and health centre have community food to share growing and all seven of Todmorden’s schools are growing too.

Q/ How do you encourage different age groups to get growing?
A / We have always said no one is too young or too old after all our motto is “ If you eat your in” our youngest volunteers are aged from 2 to 5 years old and our oldest 72 to 74
There is no upper age limit, Mary even says “ Don’t let death stop you”

Q/ Can you tell us a little more about the growing spaces that you currently have? – ie where they are and what you grow?
A / We Grow at the police station the railway station along the canal outside the community college we have raised beds along the pavement; we grow all around the health centre and within their grounds. We removed all the standard prickly planting and replaced it with fruit bushes strawberries, rhubarb, medicinal herbs. Cherry apple and pear trees raspberries, you name it we grow it. We have plums apples and apricot trees along the canal. We have new beds in front of vacant lots and a temporary garden on the site where our old health centre used to be, this has Pollination Street, we insisted on this street leading from a car park directly to our market hall to guide feet to local businesses and producers, while walking past food to share.

Q/ What has been the biggest hurdle that you had to overcome when setting up the project and what has been the best thing?
A / Getting people to understand that everything is theirs to share and that they can be part of it. The best things have been coming together of folk who may not normally have crossed paths but who all have an opinion on which is the best way to grow a bean or a carrot and will stop and exchange those ideas with total strangers over a raised bed. The month on month reduction in crimes of vandalism around our town “the police gave us figures from their computer database. The increase in sales for local businesses as people are demanding local food rather than brought in from miles produce.

Q/ The project has attracted a lot of attention from the press (and even royalty!) why do you think this is and what influence do you think (and hope) it will have?
A / I think because the time is right, everyone can see the problems lots of people are talking the talk saying something has to be done, but we are actually putting our spades where our mouth is and getting out there and doing it, so there is actual mud on the boots stuff to see.

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