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From Ramsgate to Rochdale, Barnsley to Burnley

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Today was all about folk coming from far and near to find out what we are doing in our town.
They came from Ramsgate, (I could feel the sand between my toes) Burnley, Nelson, Oldham and beyond.
All organised by Carl from Action with Communities in Rural Kent through Big Local
The day started early, Mary, Daisy and Rosie were already hard at work by the time I arrived at 9.45am after dropping off posters for our harvest celebration and the RSA conference at the library and tourist information centre. So I got straight to work setting up the projector and all the neccessaries for showing Mary’s incredible presenation, before helping getting cuttlery and crockery laid out.
A little after 10am folk started arriving so it was time for brews, cakes and biscuits for our guests while thay had a good look around our fabulous Unitarian building. Once all 50 lovely folk were settled Mary explained all about incredible edible from its beginings in Tod to where we are now with incredible groups all over the UK, Europe and further afield.
Mary explains all things incredible and edible
then we devided up into three groups with Penny, Robin and myself each taking a group off in different direction to see the growing sites while trying to dodge the worst of the rain, some of us ducked into the station for a quite photo opp in the dry.
On a damp tour 15 of 50 duck into Todmorden station for a photo opp
lots of questions were asked and more photos taken by our guests as we went aound town, then it was back for a hot lunch.
We had never prepared and served lunch for 50 before but the girls did an amazing job, three or four different curries with all the trimmings including home made onion bhajis, there were also salads and bread and dressings and for pudding was an oh so tasty strawberyy and pear crumble with custard. All vegan Halal and kocher.
Over lunch we exchanged ideas, and talked about mistakes we had made, and things that had worked well for us. I am very happy that a school in Ramsgate will soon be growing thanks to a very switched on pupil who is going to make incredible things happen.

All too soon it was time for folk to leave but not before one final photo and filling a few doggy bags to eat later
50 fabulous people at the end of their visit to Tod
an oh so inspiring day, there is a welcome in Tod anytime for our 50 new friends

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