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fun with vegan dips & pates, pastries & pies

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February 18th brought a heavy snowfall, but those who managed to battle through on their sledges had a fun afternoon with dips & pates.
chopping carrots for carrot and cashew loaf
We prepared a carrot and cashew loaf which doubles up as a nice,
Stella gets busy at Hilary's adult learning cooking class
caraway flavoured, sandwich spread, a lentil and walnut pate and a spicy red bean pate.
Learning vegan cooking at Hilary's
We then made a smoked tofu pate, a really quick and easy dish to dip into or spread on biscuits / toast.
Next we moved on to making some very simple dips, including a tapenade with sundried tomatoes, olives and capers, and a hummus.The group were surprised to see how quick and easy it is to make vegan mayonnaise and to this we added a variety of flavourings and also some smoked tofu to give an ‘egg’ mayo sandwich filling.
vegan dips and pates made at Hilary's cookery class
What we produced wasn’t quite so easy to carry home as usual, so we sat around and munched our way through everything we’d made, dipping with crudites and spreading on oat cakes, rye bread and mini poppadoms. Hopefully, this session will be repeated in the summer for those who missed it.

March 7th and no snow but it was National Pie Week ! and a full house this time, a lovely combination of regulars with some very welcome new faces.
preparing vegan savoury pastries
We used 3 types of vegan pastry; Jus-Rol puff pastry, Jus-Rol croissant dough and home made shortcrust.
Sue gets plaiting
Sue made a very neat job of a sosmix, stuffing and apple plait, brushed with soya cream, which browned beautifully in the oven.
savoury sosmix plait

Shirley and Catrin got stuck into shortcrust pasty making and produced a whole range of very interesting shapes and sizes.
all hands to prepping the pies and patties
We used a Leek and Potato and a Curried Veg filling.
learning something new

Lynda made some pretty pizza bites with the puff pastry, tomatoes, olives and cheese,
ready for the oven
while Elizabeth spread tapenade and cheese onto puff pastry,
Elizabeth spread tapenade and cheese onto puff pastry
rolled up the edges towards the centre and made some giant Palmiers ! Jade and Catrin popped open the tube of croissant dough and proceeded to make 12 ‘dogs in
the class produce perfect vegan pastries
blankets’, wrapping sausages and cheese into tiny parcels.

A veritable vegan feast
such tasty vegan treats

vegan savoury selection from adult learning course
and this time, plastic boxes were filled with tasty supper time nibbles to take home

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