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Getting the New Year off to a great growing start!

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Nearly 40 people met this Sunday morning in the Unitarian Church to discuss and plan Town Centre growing for the year ahead.

Over cups of tea and coffee and some exceedingly good cakes made by some of the participants we talked about what we would like to grow in our town centre propaganda beds, how to ensure that there were clear lines of communication between the town centre growing volunteers and those who raised the plants for us, and what sort of signage we needed to let people know what was growing, when it was ready for harvest and how to cook it.

It was an excellent discussion with some really good points made by members of the group. More importantly people left the meeting having promised to be on task groups to ensure that the ideas were actually realised.

Headline agreements included:

A list of vegetables to be grown in the propaganda beds,
Jenny takes note at third Sunday meeting
This list will be written up by Jenny and Joy, co-ordinators of the Sunday work groups and given to John who works with the Ferney Lee Monday growers at Ferney Lee Old Peoples home, Nick at the Walsden site and Paul at Todmorden High School. They will work together with Jenny and Joy to ensure that the town centre growers have the plants they need. The High Schools students may also be able to plant out some of the plants they have raised. Varieties will be chosen with good flavour and which grow well in our climate.

We also agreed some more unusual planting plans – for example oats in one of the small community college beds. Mark and Beth agreed to work together on this and organise both seeds and signs to tell the story of Oats in Todmorden.


All present agreed that informative and sturdy signs were essential. Helen Plaice the Headmistress offered the support of Todmorden High School graphics students, and several other members of the group had expertise and enthusiasm to contribute. It was pointed out that good signs would cost money however it was felt that this could be found and that signs were a top priority. A task group to work on this was formed with the initial membership of four, Helen, Sue, Debbie and Judith.

Community Allotments

The suggestion that a town allotment site was required was made by Sue and warmly supported by the meeting. A petition of those present was written and presented to one of our town councillors Diane Tremayne who joined the meeting just after this matter was discussed but who promised to bring the issue to the council. A task group was formed to continue to work on this consisting among others of Hilary, Sue and Donna.

Work Parties

It was agreed that the two Sundays a month, the 1st Sunday between 2-4pm and the 3rd between 10-12am should continue. In addition to this all present were urged to do some on the spot weeding etc. whenever they passed a bed in need of it. We also agreed that more regular ‘shout outs’ would be posted to advertise work parties at other times as many people who wanted to be involved found Sundays difficult.

2012 looks set fair to be a busy one for Todmorden and Incredible Edible but it looks like there are lots of enthusiastic and knowledgeable people who are willing to share their views and get their hands dirty to make it all happen – what a win win future for us all!
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