Give and Gain 2012 Incredible Big Planting Day

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part 1

Tod buzzes with bankers busy on the bee route.

As part of BITC’s Give and Gain Day Friday May 18th 2012 about 55 bankers from Lloyds came to spend a whole day working for IET, didnt bring us any money but barrow loads of enthusiasm.
They soon got busy cutting back, trimming and planting along the canal

at Library Lock above and Lever Street below

Lots of tidying and planting at the butterfly garden

Outside the Hippodrome,

Where lovely people fro the theatre brought them a brew

The health centre got a make over too

Rose Street’s new community garden was a challenge

With masses of plants and large fruit trees

but the wonderful work By VolkerStevin meant the trees could all be safley wired up

Of course we have to feed our guests, especially when they work so hard so at midday

we all stopped for some fab food prepared by incredible volunteers up at the Unitarian.
There was local cheese and salad from Walsden, freshly cooked falafel, filled pita and proper chips

and such tasty cake I think I will leave you with that thought

and write part 2 after a brew and a slice of cake

back soon with mayors and incredible signs

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