Green route taking shape

Last update: 24.04.12 First posted: 24.04.12 by in

Strange old day, but as always, never a dull moment.

It all started with men cutting fences and digging holes

installing the new green route gate which will mean weekend tours can
go in from the canal without going through Lidl’s car park

On to Mary’s house for coffee and a catch up, when who should arrive but
Richard from Calder Creative with a box full of our new planting signs

We only ordered them a week ago from the prototypes he had made
and here they were done and dusted, absolutely incredible.

Mary and | then dashed off to meet Anne and Jenny at Rose Street

to take a sneaky peak at what will soon be a community fruit garden.
watch this space

The incredible VolkerStevin guys have really caught the growing bug
and have got their heads around the new trend of upcycling too.

They have even re booted the site office for a new look

Well this may not be Cinderella with her lost slipper

but these guys are our Princes charming, always ready to ride to our rescue when needed.

Another great day, an incredible life is never boring, exhausting at times, but boring? NEVER

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