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Grow Penistone Visit to Incredible Edible Todmorden

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It’s good to hear what folk think after seeing Tod, here is the story of Grow Pennistone’s visit written by Nicola Billups

Volunteers from Grow Penistone joined together with several local food producers last week to visit Incredible Edible in Todmorden. The famous project was an obvious pick for us – it is based near to us in Yorkshire and has inspired similar initiatives nationally and internationally. We were a mixed group of twelve who visited Incredible Edible. Half of us were Grow Penistone volunteers and the other half local people who are involved in the local foods in some way, as producers and growers. Our visit started with a talk about how Incredible Edible Todmorden works. We learned that there is very little in the way of finance for the project and the scheme depends heavily on the voluntary efforts of local people. Similarly to Grow Penistone some volunteers made themselves available every now and then to the project, whilst others were very heavily involved, particularly in core activities. We learned that Incredible Edible aims to bring people together through actions around local food, help change behaviour toward the environment and build a kinder and more resilient world. Unloved pieces of land are cultivated into small community gardens where food is grown by local people coming together in their own time. This food is shared, so it is fine for people to pop along and pick herbs, fruits and vegetables from growing beds. A far cry from the “get off my land” mentality! This unconventional DIY ethos seems to make it possible to have access to land in unexpected places such as the local police station where large vegetable beds had been built for local people to cultivate. Some of us liked this idea and reflected on whether we could have the capacity to do a similar project in Penistone.

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