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Growing in Unusual Containers, Incredible Edible Grenada

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Clever recycling, Spanish style

Magi at Incredible Edible Granada, has sent us photos of some ingenious recycling. Here they are growing strawberries in a wine cask, and herbs in a tyre painted white to deflect some heat.

Incredible Edible Granada, has a problem we just don’t have here, a shortage of water but they are a canny lot, so nothing stops them just look at this
Magi said “Here are lettuce growing in re-used plastic water bottles. Water is at a premium in Andalucia and so the plastic, as well as the depth of the bottles, ensures the maximum waster retention for virtually no cost”

Note the watering hose attached above behind the bottles.
We don’t have the water problem so may not need the hose, but we do have space problems, so this idea from Andalusia will work well here too, and save some landfill space into the bargain.

Excellent work by the guys in Spain, look forward to hearing more.

From Comestibles Increidibles

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