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Guest blog by Sofia Penabaz-Wiley

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Here I am beginning the last semester of my PhD at Chiba University in Matsudo, Japan, and I am sharing the deeply inspiring and very important story of Incredible Edible through posters, presentations, movies and word of mouth. I did a presentation for a community event sponsored by the city, coinciding with a viewing of Edible City. The poster presentation was done for a Future Earth symposium, with the goal of connecting researchers with their communities. Researchers tend to have a hard time communicating with people, so the story was much appreciated. I also shared that the movie Tomorrow is finally being shown in Tokyo in 2017.

Actually, these are the most recent examples. I began sharing the Incredible Edible Todmorden story when I was still a high school teacher in southern Japan five years ago. I showed my students Pam’s TED Talk, and it became a dream to meet her and visit beautiful Todmorden. I kept sharing right into uni,
and two years later, my perseverence paid off and we had a joint visit with University of Sheffield.
Mary speaking to visitors from japan
I met Mary and Estelle, who were lovely, and a few other delightful volunteers, but Pam was out of town.
I did get to see your Green Route, though,
estelle explains
and was thoroughly impressed. It is one thing to see something in pictures, and another to walk the path!

During that trip to the UK, I went to the Center for Alternative Technology(CAT),
saw the IE route in Machynlleth,
couchsurfed with nice people in Sheffield and Aberystwyth,
visited Heelley Farm and
Abundance in Sheffield,
and saw many beautiful places,
but the last day came and I still hadn’t met Pam, so I decided to go back.

She was there! I was so happy! We talked for quite a while. That day, I got some things at your main street garage sale, I had pizza at the Site, met some fabulous people, and got amazing photos, especially in the warm evening light.
the canal by night
I just want to say, you have all done such a great job, your town is gorgeous and thriving and friendly, and if I ever get the chance, I want to stay there for a time to get to know you even better.

Over the past few years, Estelle and I have kept in touch, and I have been learning more and more about what you all do there, and how you have grown, and would like to give back, so I am writing this, and will have a chapter in my dissertation dedicated to Todmorden’s Incredible Edible story.
I, too, believe that kindness and sustainability are braided together in the fine lines of reality, and once we realize it, the world becomes a better place, one small footstep at a time.

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