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Happy Birthday to us

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The years have flown by for me. grey hairs have grown, knees have packed in, but joy is still jumping in my heart. we have grown and changed, grown and changed, it’s normal, it’s ok.
Our dreams are still big, our energy still live. The trees we planted are bearing fruit, the kindness we show has reaped rewards many times over.
Todmorden is not now known for its serial killer so much as it’s kindness. I was brought up that Pride is a sin, it comes before a fall, bring it on, because Pride is what I feel.Pride for all those folks who turn up on a Sunday rain or shine to do whatever they can. Pride for all the folks who never come on a Sunday but respond to any crazy request we make. It’s the beginning of the year, the slow months, the dark months, not for us!
So much has happened it’s hard to report on.
Estelle hasn’t done a tour this season but she has been out recruiting new tour guides.
Our facebook met some kind of milestone or magic number. We were in the Sunday Times today.
We have been out and about giving talks, Rochdale Bradford Leeds and Halifax, Lincoln next week.
Students to help from Texas to Toulouse. We have cleaned the Town three times this year.
A boat came our way to do good things with. Our man for towpaths has not given up on us, we have an exciting new opportunity to fix the route from Library lock to Shade. Our very own tooled up man Jon Rice has crown lifted the hollies in double quick time. Tony and the market traders need our help to make pancakes in the snow, good folk raising money for medical things. Be there, Tuesday- Pollination street -4 pm, because we love tossers.
We collected for the refugees in Greece, food, nappies and clothes. We distributed vintage clothing that came our way, to Sunday visitors who went home with Burberry coats and cashmere jumpers. The new committee met and made wise decisions, to stop our future buying of plastic, to support Pushing up Daisies, we decided the door is always open, anyone can come to a meeting to suck it and see because new is good, change is welcome.

happy birthday to us
What do we need? nothing! Nothing is needed we have what we require, our present is this …..The Incredible Festival of Ideas. 4 days in June Modelling, kindness and trust, change and nonconformity, showing the best of our valley, sharing what we know and learning from others. partnering with diverse and sparkling brains.
IFI the Incredible Festival of Ideas starting in Todmorden ending in the Piece Hall.
Charles Campion talking at festival of ideas meeting
Have we got money? Nope, Guts yes, Ideas yes, comrades by the bucket load and support from very very beautiful people.
IFI meeting, we do things differently
We will bring you music, food, art, poetry, architects, designers, planners, place makers, boffins, farmers, makers, shakers, beauty and the unexpected.Take a bow, beautiful people. Golden Lion, JTP, Calderdale Bootstrap, Food Assembly, Egg Factory, Hebden Arts Festival, Incredible Farm, Incredible Network,
Unitarian Church, The Piece Hall, The UCVR, The Recovery Project, Andy Kershaw, Michael Eavis, The School of Natural Building, Flood wardens, Geoff Michell, Todmorden learning Center and I am sure they will help us Calderdale Council.
Soon we will have an even bigger list, we need a clever writer kind of person, like Chris Sands to help us. we need our own beer label to raise dosh. A Lazer person is a must too.
Happy Birthday, it’s incredible to be 10, not grown up and still time to be naughty and daring, still young enough to be hopeful of change and cute enough to go for it.

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