Harley Bank Shines Again!!

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Oh No!!……the sky was black and the rain was falling as we made our way up to the new community garden at Harley Bank on Wednesday afternoon…what had we let ourselves in for?

No need to panic…the Incredible Edible magic was upon us and as the tent went up and folk began to arrive, the first rays of sunshine peaked through the clouds, curious to see what we were up to!

And what WERE we up to?

We had come along to Harley Bank to give the residents a hand sprucing up their new community garden, with members of the Harley Bank Residents Association and families from the neighbourhood. Sally, Mary and Jenny had worked hard with the residents association to organise the event over the past few weeks.
Harley Bank 2
We had timed it right…as the children returned from school they trickled over to the garden to see what was going on. As we all know, there is nothing children like better than to get digging in the soil and very soon they were all be-gloved and busy, digging, weeding, collecting rubbish and chattering to us about why they liked it! Even some little ones couldn’t resist!
Harley Bank 1
Jenny got busy making delicious soup to feed the masses and a resident showed her some of the herbs she’d planted in the upper gardens.
Harley Bank 3
Harley Bank 4
Even the mums got stuck in, helping their children to put weeds into the black bags ready to be transported up to Michael’s chickens…who eat anything!
Harley Bank 5
Estelle, unusually, was on the other side of the camera as she cleared whole swathes of weeds, ready for replanting some herbs and blueberries that had become too big for their containers.
Harley Bank 6
While Mary used her irresistable powers of persuasion on the younger helpers, who were soon frantically trying to fill as many bags as they could with weeds…fabulous hard workers, they were!
Harley Bank 7
Harley Bank 8
When the work was done, our lovely young workers had a well-deserved feed, in the eating area…Jenny’s fantastic soup, delicious sausages, veggie patties and the most wonderful cakes baked by Stacey…a lot of people will breath a sigh of relief to know that she won’t be entering the Harvest Festival baking competition!
Harley Bank 9
Mary even managed to persuade the more reluctant teenagers to help with the tent removal!
Harley Bank 10
All in all, a wonderful, productive time was had by all… we worked together, talked together, learned together, ate together and planted together as a warm and friendly community in the true ethos of Incredible Edible Todmorden.
Harley Bank 11
….and at the end of the day we were rewarded with a beautiful rainbow

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