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Health Centre Summer Bounty, How it was done...

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In the last few days, in between the mad weather, the Health Centre had burst into fruitfulness. It’s the third summer, and for the first time there has been a vast bountiful harvest, enough for everyone. There have been strawberries, unaffected by the floodwaters, heaps of them. Currants, red and black/ in huge generous bunches, jostaberries, the first time many have tasted them. Heaps of raspberries, more to come. Gooseberries, red and green, plentiful rhubarb. well harvested and cherries ripening. Hops and passion-fruit climbing; apples, pears and plums swelling and, and…..

This week a visitor was excited by a raspberry
health centre summer 2012
and a cherry
health centre summer 2012
these folks came to try fruit and herbs, they had picked a whole carrier bag of raspberries, well done!
health centre summer 2012
apples swelling
health centre 2012

this man’s seen sommat tasty!
health centre summer 2012
veiw of some of the apple trees & rhubarb
health centre summer 2012

health centre summer 2012

health centre summer 2012

How was it all done?
It’s been a long time coming but this harvest, the first of many, is a great tribute and reward for all in this fab town, who have dreamed, negotiated, permitted, supported, planned, fund-raised, donated, built, planted, nurtured and harvested this bounty, well done all, you deserve it!

The original planting in May 2009, prickily and boring, certainly not tasty!
norway maple, to go
June 2009 apple trees go in
tree planting at health centre
B&Q gave us this wood
B&Q one planet living award
To build planters with,
Hexagon planter seat building at Health Centre
filled by community service teams
filling the Health centre planters
and hong kong fooey experts!
July 2009
Tae chi in the lavender
Apothecary garden layout Sept 2009
herb garden layout complete
Bush delivery feb 2010
250 strawberries
herb planting Nov 2009

Our Future jobs fund team did an immense amount of great work on the garden, here Michael and Ben are planting Rhubarb July 2010
finishing line
here Ben is planting one of several hundred fruit bushes
ben planting gooseberries
Health Centre staff enjoy
Health centre staff enjoying the garden
tall women are helpful too!
cherry pickin

This project was supported by B&Q, Community Foundation for Calderdale and Northern Gas networks.

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