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Helena's special mincemeat recipe

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Originally posted by Helena November last year, so good I thought I would publish it again this year

A delicious variation on a traditional Christmas recipe!
As demonstrated at the Water Street Festival…

To make 7lbs of Mincemeat
(use in your own mince pies, or put into decorative jars and use for Christmas gifts)

Beetroot mincemeat 12

You will need:
500g Sultanas
500g Raisins
500g Currants
500g Dried Apricots (I use these instead of candied peel, which I hate! You could replace 150g of apricots with candied peel if you like!)
750g Soft brown sugar
150 g Glace Cherries
Zest and juice from 2 lemons and 2 oranges
2 peeled, grated and chopped beetroot ( about the size of a lemon)
2 peeled and finely diced Bramley cooking apples
200g dark chocolate drops (this replaces the suet found in other recipes)
2 tbsp. local honey
3-5 tbsp. Mixed spice (I used a whole small jar for this amount of mincemeat)
ΒΌ bottle of Brandy (an optional extra, I added, was a glass of apricot liqueur that I had to hand!)
beetroot mincemeat 3

What you do:
Put all the ingredients into a large bowl, mix thoroughly, cover and leave overnight to amalgamate.
beetroot mincemeat 1
beetroot mincemeat 2
beetroot mincemeat 4
Beetroot mincemeat 5
Beetroot mincemeat 6
Beetroot mincemeat 7
Beetroot mincemeat 8
Beetroot mincemeat 9
Beetroot mincemeat 10
Beetroot mincemeat 11
The following day, fill sterilised jars with the mixture. If using cellophane covers, place a waxed disk on the top of the mincemeat before covering with the cellophane cover. If using a screw-cap or a glass hinged-lid jar, there is no need of a waxed disk.

This mincemeat is best matured for a month, in a cool dark place before using, although it can be used straight away. Opened jars will keep for a couple of weeks in the fridge.

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