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Herby (Tod) writes again...!!!

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How wonderful to have sunlit evenings, after such a long cold winter! Having postponed Wednesday’s planned meet-up due to inclement weather conditions, we tried again Thursday evening…

Lovely warm sunshine and Melvin and Jenny made an early start on the weeding complete with fancy dandelion remover, which did the job nicely… John and Helena timed their arrival nicley and wheelbarrowed the other tools over to the apothecary garden and had a brief ‘work-plan’ chat with Melvin and Jenny, before setting to on the other jobs that needed doing.

We removed plants that sadly didn’t survive the harsh winter. We had left them in in February, in case they were just lying dormant, but today it was obvious which ones had given up the will to live!!

Other plants were trimmed down, weeds removed and beds raked over. Our latest member of the Apothecary team, Joy, arrived and quickly got on with transplanting some Lady’s Mantle to our ‘Women’s Bed’ and planted up some lovely garlic that she’d brought as an addition to the ‘Stuffing’ bed.

John removed all the very dead Rosemary and tidied up the space they’d left, while Helena cleared up the Hyssop bed opposite

and marvelled at how the tarrgon had survived when the rosemary didn’t.

The Woad, we planted last summer, has not only doubled in size and looked lush and green, but it was covered with buds which look like they’ll be flowering in a couple of weeks time.

All Done now!
Now that Spring is well and truly sprung, we can look forward to many more evening work-parties. If anyone would like to be involved, just drop Helena an email herbytod@gmail.com or turn up on a Thursday between 5pm and 7pm at the Apothecary Garden at the side of Todmorden Health Centre. We’d love to see you!

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