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Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy?

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Not sure which hitchhiker guide Jules was using today but it got him to Todmorden. Didn’t someone say all roads lead to the Bear, or was that Rome?
He came just on the off chance of finding an activist from IET
Jules, Hitched from Provence to Tod
Rhiam sent out a shout but Pam was in London and Mary was leaving for Wakefield so I dashed down to the Bear and said Hello. Jules and I had a brew and then went walkabout around town it was sad that there wasnt anything much growing but he could see some of the places where we grow so could get an idea.
We had a good chat about life the universe and everything and decided the answer probably isnt 42, but might be the power of small actions.
Jules introduced me to the Venus Project
The Venus project

and a really interesting thought provoking documentary called TROM (The Reality Of Me) it has settings for humans and robots take a look it’s here www.tromsite.com

So we learn from each other, its a fair exchange I hope, don’t forget Jules we are only an email away.

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