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Hooray, we need to water in Todmorden!!

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Two reasons to be cheerful, one is that the sun is shining in Todmorden and for the first time in two summers, we need to water our town centre beds. The other reason is that a great crew of waterers turned out on Sunday morning to give our vegetables and herbs a drink.
a great watering crew
We started early as it is important not to water when the sun is hot in the middle of the day. There are several reasons for this, watering when the sun is high is wasteful of water as much of it evaporates before the plants can get it. Also if drops of water are left on the leaves they can act like tiny magnifying glasses and concentrate the sun’s rays, which then burn the leaves.
The final reason concerns the people who are watering – when the sun is hot what you really should be doing is sitting in the shade with a cool drink, not carrying heavy watering cans about.
Lauren, Pam, Laura and Jenny watering

So mindful of all this we started at 9.00 am at Pollination Street. Thank-you to the market who allowed us to fill our cans at their yard sinks.
Laura and Lauren fill cans courtesy of the Market manager
The police station beds were also watered and then we then moved on to the health centre
Stephen give the raised bed a good soak
where we watered some of the herbs and fruit bushes.
New volunteer Laura waters the rhubarb
We concentrated on the currant bushes and the apple trees at the health centre
Adam give the health centre apples a good drink

and the newly planted cabbages and lettuces at Pollination Street,
Henry on tip toe to water the exact spot
and ensured that we gave a few things a really good soak rather than giving everything a sprinkle.
Hugo, tests out the new mini can
This is far better for the plants. Some things, like the mint and rosemary are well able to withstand some drought so this time they missed out. If the weather remains hot and dry we might even have to water them next time.

This evening, again when it is cooler and the sun is not so fierce, we will water the beds outside the college. This is another good time to water, however if you are plagued by slugs or snails watering in the evening can allow these pests an easy path to your plants in the dark so personally I prefer to water in the early morning.

Thank-you to all our gallant carriers of water, particularly the junior ones;
Hugo and Henry get busy watering Pollination Street
and a big thank you to the Bear Cafe Bar for supplying oh so welcome refreshments when we finished.
relaxing in the Bear Cafe after a busy morning

If you live close to one of the town centre beds and feel inclined to give a thirsty plant a drink during this lovely weather then that would be great.

for top tips to keep your veg protected in the heat visit incredibleediblenetwork.org.uk

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