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IET Banks on Volunteers for Help

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Lloyds Bank Volunteer Group does an incredible day’s work.

Friday we were very lucky, James had arranged for some amazing guys who all work in IT for Lloyds Banking group to come to work at the Unitarian.
They spent the day clearing, weeding, planting and doing just about anything that needed doing. The bank gave them a days leave to do voluntary work, and they certainley did work.
In the afternoon I went to see how things were going. Walking up the hill I came to the once leaf clogged culvert, now cleared and running again thanks to one of the volunteers.
I went on to see what else had been done, I was stunned to see the fruit bed all cleared and the new currant bushes planted.

only five days ago it had still been covered with dead weeds. Going around to the back I found another volunteer hard at work clearing a neglected corner.

I found James getting all fired up burning old diseased branches

and clearing around the compost heaps, they do look very different now.

Up in the graveyard there were more incredible workers

clearing and weeding and helping to make the graves neat and tidy

No area was missed, every bit of the grounds was worked on, even the back that few see was weeded and cleared.

They achieved so much in such a short time, no one could miss the difference.

You can wheel barrow back an time guys. BIG BIG THANK YOU.

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