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In June of this year, I decided I wanted to learn about natural foods, I didn’t want to be left out, so in the spirit of the 60s I took action, I learned about “Gorilla Gardening”, I looked for courses; something “happening”! Enter Incredible Edible Todmorden’s free food courses. Wow, instant solution! Now the journey is even better. IET is offering free courses in growing, food preparation and cooking. It’s all happening here in Todmorden. It’s inspired, its free, it’s an incredible “happening!” from now until January 2012.

The first course, on wild foods, is an enchanted walk through Incredible Edible Todmorden’s permaculture site in Walsden; five acres of natural area running next to the Rochdale Canal. You can spot the site by the 2 long white pollytunnels about a mile past Gordon Riggs on the canal side. These are IET experiments, testing different pollytunnel materials and how they “holdup” in our windy valley as well as learning how to grow the way nature grows, sustainably.
Inside the pollytunnels a team of hardworking IET volunteers sort plump fruits and huge vegetables grown specifically in the raised bed areas. As we walked the wild food course, instructor Mike introduced us to salad plants, edible flowers, and fruits naturally growing along our path and invited tasting and sampling these beauties, a great addition to any dinner table.

Mike has studied our valley’s wild edibles for the past six years, after six months studying native edible plants in South America, and knows his “field” expertly. When he introduced me to the raised beds he and Nick produced inside their IET compound and how these beds work to be self-sustaining, I realized what a serious and valuable asset this “two man team” in particular, offers Todmorden. They are volunteer food scientists, working and developing the IET dream of empowering Todmorden with a cutting edge local “natural foods” industry. Why not? From what I have learned about our Todmordens rich soil, and the frequent rains we have here, it’s a natural. They do the course again on Oct 15, so check the IET site and the “Come Dine With Us” calendar.

The next course I attended was held by Jenny of IET at Todmorden’s Art College across from the Police Station. It focused on how to “Winterize” our gardens. Actually it taught me a lot more, like how I can have chives and some vegetables from my garden all year around! Also I learned my chickens are one of my garden’s best sources of nitrogen, and the slugs won’t be a problem anymore because their eggs are my chicken’s favourite meal! Who knew? Great news for my garden!
The detailed information, the 15 month planning schedule, the community spirit, all left me wanting more and more.
How lucky am I? I live in a town full of people taking action, using resources already at hand. It feels good, it is incredible and it’s all for us, the people of Todmorden. In the 60s they called it a “happening”; it was something fresh and inspiring, it was alive, it was real and now! And you wanted to be in on it.

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