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IET press details

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This week I read the herbs listed on IET HERB OF THE MONTH site, and was amazed to learn of the importance Dandelion, Elder berry and Heather offer our medicine chest, dinner table and our general household.

These are herbs growing freely all around us in Todmorden, free for our use and welfare. Its wonderful information and its incredibly free.

After the fantastic IET Harvest festival last week, more people seem to be interested in borrowing our new IET portable press.
This press is now available on a first come first served basis and is ideal for pressing your personal harvest into juicy treats for your family and friends. All IET ask is for a small donation of cash, goods or volunteer time on IET projects like weeding or helping with cleanup before and after IET events. When you pick the press up for your use (it breaks down pretty easily), please care for it properly and return it when agreed (all clean and ready for the next family to use). This will mean the press is always ready for its next job, which could be yours.
You can request the press by going on the “contact” part of the IET web site and just making a request to Joe , and I will respond quickly to schedule you in.

One of the other marvels to come out of Harvest weekend was a crisp new vision for Todmorden’s future, put forth by some of the speakers at the Tod Talk Saturday night at the Hippodrome. At a time when, as far as I can tell, no one seems clear about how Todmorden is to support itself in the years to come, it was refreshing to hear some outsiders who saw true grass route potential in our town’s future. These people said Todmorden has the answers other places are looking for! The vision was a simple, elegant, and beautiful idea of Todmorden working as a town, collectively focused on developing a kind of virtual horticulture campus, with volunteers and participants offering their homes, allotments, businesses, churches and schools as the virtual campus for courses on growing, preserving, cooking and marketing locally grown produce; Todmorden paving the way as a model of a virtual horticulture campus of the future, driven by people working as volunteers developing the town’s natural resources and generating a sustainable revenue with our food resources for the health of every one of our town’s people, new-borns, the town’s unemployed, working moms and dads, children and retired pensioners alike. Every household does well to have a family member versed in what our valley and its surroundings can offer our dinner table for free. The classes in poultry, bees and honey, edible flowers, pork and the like; these wonderful free courses proposed are great so let’s work together on how to make them work for our town. If you’re reading this and have an idea, let’s hear it, your input is important and we want to hear it. What could be better? Free classes on how to identify local wild foods, how to harvest, how to prepare and what goodness they bring, sounds like a winner to me, how about you? So now I am looking forward to ideas on how to make these classes a success. Let’s not bury our heads in the sand, let’s pitch in! Let IET hear your ideas folks. It’s our town, it’s our Incredible Edible Todmorden, and if we do something positive, it can have a right ripe future, after all.

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