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IET puts the squeeze on the recession!

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Sunday Incredible Edible Todmorden’s team of volunteers put another squeeze on the recession

by supplying fresh produce, including freshly squeezed apple juice to the droves of families and other visitors who celebrated our Incredible Edible Todmorden 2011 Harvest Festival.

I was part of the apple team. For me and my part I want to personally thank all of the local citizens who contributed their apples and other supplies, some dropping them off for us, others allowing us to raid their beautiful orchards. The scenes I witnessed personally on Saturday, of an orchard owner shaking branches and volunteers scrambling up and down picking up the “freshly fallen juicing fruits” was magical.

Sunday, the looks on the kids faces at the festival as they watched different teams of volunteers loading the press, and squeezing out the heavenly nectar was priceless. Back they came again and again, parents in tow, to fill their cups. What would have happened if we hadn’t squeezed those apples? Well they would have lain on the ground as they do each year, and feed our soil, our birds, and our foraging furry friends. They would have been collected to make our ciders, and enjoyed throughout the year. But Sunday they quenched the thirst of our visitors, the people of our valley and our beloved guests. Because the apples came from all over our valley, the taste was sweeter, richer; more amber in colour and every single apple was gone by the end of the day.

When you look at the photo of David standing next to the supply we started with above, it’s obvious just how much our Harvest visitors loved it. It was a true testimony to the rich nature of what our valley soil and people have to offer. And apple juice was just a small part of what was on offer. The mix of food aromas was intoxicating; Pavlov’s dogs would have gone mental! Every scent of herb and spice filled the air, and every hand seemed filled with wraps, and cups, forks, and spoons, toothpicks with every taste, baked goods and fresh made foods; every face smiling as they took it all in. Once, in the afternoon, a sweet voice from one of the food stalls offered me a dish of fragrant rice and greens that I heart fully enjoyed as I stood at my IET post; Magical People sharing their love of wholesome healthy food, and a love of their community. Every generous participant exhausted their supplies. Everyone who brought their horticulture and farming skills and produce to share, cooking and training and passing out materials, experienced the same heartfelt satisfaction of seeing their community gobble-up every morsel. At the end of the day there was nothing left, except soft voices repeating the same mantra “is there anymore of that pork left?” “do you have any more soup left?” “any cheese?” “any Todmorden honey” and the same satisfying answers abounded “sorry it’s all gone”.

There is a unique feeling you get, a special kind of soulful satisfaction, when something you made yourself, from your heart, is appreciated by the people you love.
Thanks IET volunteers, thanks Todmorden, let’s share in it all again!

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