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IET visited by Lord Wallace of Saltaire

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Are whips scary?

Well never having met one I wasn’t sure, but I needn’t have worried this government whip was Lord William Wallace and not in the least scary.
We all met in the bear, Paul Schofield of the Office for Civil Society, Lord Wallace (William), Pam, Mary, Hannah and myself. After some brief hellos Hannah Paul, William and I set of on a tour of some of the town growing beds. We discussed why we were doing what we do and how the community and businesses have become involved to help create a kinder more sustainable town for everyone.
A keen grower with an allotment in Saltaire William told us how he is still eating his apple crop from last year, and gave us lots of invaluable tips about growing, for instance we don’t have enough manure on our rhubarb plants at the health centre, so that will be remedied when we get our next batch of horse poo from the stables.
We talked about the food hub being built at the school, and while weeding one of our raised beds William said he would very much like to see that when it’s up and running so we will arrange that.
Returning to the bear we had a very interesting meeting over tea and cake

Mary explained the problems that had been encountered getting the aquaponics unit foundations laid, but all is now motoring ahead and is hoped to be finished in September. Mary invited William to come to the opening as soon as we have the date an invitation will be winging it’s way over to Saltaire.

So all in all I have to say whips aren’t scary, and Lord William Wallace is welcome any time he might fancy coming to Tod (we have cake)

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