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IET volunteers become Dementia Friends.

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21 members of IET’s muck’in list became ‘Dementia Friends’ after receiving the Alzheimer’s Society training recently. The training was very ably delivered by Sargent Neil Taylor and CSO Abigail Jarvis from our Todmorden force. During the training we learnt something about the different causes of Dementia; not all of them are Alzheimer’s disease, how dementia is a disease process that affects the brain, and that although most of the people who experience these difficulties are elderly it can affect people of all ages.
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Neil and Abigail got us to think about our own assumptions about people with dementia, how it might feel to experience it and fed in facts and hints about how we could recognise that someone might be having problems with memory and perception and how we could be more helpful to them.
They illustrated their presentation with anonymised stories of people they had come across during their police work and how the police, fire and ambulance services in Calderdale are working to provide a responsive service to them.
For me the most important thing I heard was Abigail explaining that while the memory for people and incidents might be badly affected, emotional and feelings memory remained much longer. This means that if you spend time with a friend or family member with dementia while they may forget your visit, what you did or talked about; they will remember that they had a happy time and will carry the feeling of being content and cared for quite a while after they have forgotten the reason for it. So difficult as it sometimes can be for us to share time with people who have dementia – particularly if they are people we love, it is always worthwhile and important to try to keep it positive.
Dementia training teachers and students
Our thanks to Neil and Abigail, and all good wishes to Abigail as she embarks on her professional Police training.

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