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If its June it must be Japan

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June was a super busy month with the show and bits and bobs for Le Grand Depart, Tour de Tod taking me away from my media, website and tour guiding duties temporarily, but it was a full on month for tours and visitors to.
Among the many visits I did three talks and tour with three different groups from Japan.

The first was from Ōmihachiman 近江八幡市 a city in Shiga Prefecture of Japan. known in as the town of waterfront and merchants. The old part of the town dates from the 16th century and like Tod it has canals and cobbled tow paths as it shows in this lovely book they brought us.
Omihachiman book

these lovely folk were from sustainability groups one of which is the 100 seed theatre very keen to see everything incredible edible they stayed two nights at the Queen Hotel so they could take in as much of our town as possible. Their first day was spent at the Aqua Garden where we were joined by Richard Dawson of the Field Studies Council and Pam.

I gave a short presentation after which we all sat down to a fabulous lunch prepared by Madeleine and served by Aine. We had a great discussion, Pam explained the core values of the incredible movement then Steve and Aine showed us the Aquaponics and hydroponics.
visitors fro Omihachiman at the Aqua garden
leaving Pam and the AG team we went on a tour of the town centre growing, stopping here and there for a little shopping before finishing the day in the Bear Cafe where they enjoyed a glass of local beer
buying local beer at the bear
and bought copies of the Incredible book plant veg, grow a revolution.
The following day they headed for the Incredible Farm to see the wonders there,
visitors fro Omihachiman at the Incredible farm
they tell me wonder is the closest word they have to incredible in Japanese they assured us that a little bit of Omihachiman will soon be an Incredible Edible and I absolutey believe it will.

The second group where local government officials from Tokyo looking at regeneration.
Serious men in grey suits? not a bit of it, these were very switched on young people, with a wicked sense of humour.
local government officials from Tokyo

We hosted them at the Unitarian for refreshments and a presentation,
refreshments at the Unitarian
then they saw the town and IE volunteers at work, and were very impressed by our Haiku written by IET poet laureate Judy Kendall. You can find them all near the Market Hall entrance by Pollination Street.
Haiku corner
We returned to the Unitarian for an incredible lunch made for us by Jamie, and some quiet time for more serious questions about how what we are doing helps boost the local economy. I’m sure his could work for them in.

The last visit was from Takashi Oda and his lovely wife.
Takashi wanted to see and understand everything about us, he especially wanted to visit Ferney lee where most the town centre plants are raised, so John very kindly agreed to meet us there and welcome Takashi to the garden.
John welcomes Takashi
He showed us all they were doing
Takashi noted all that John told us
and we had a very comprehensive tour of Ferney lee inside and out.

Then it was on to the Aqua Garden
to meet Steve and hear all about fish and plants and lamps and growing food scientifically,
like these hydroponically grown tomatoes
Hydroponically grown tomoatoes
and these aquaponically growing herbs above the fish tanks
aquaponic herbs
in the tanks are young tilapia in small floating net tanks inside the larger tanks young tilapia
the koi in the large tank are fascinated by the smaller fish
the ornamental koi are fascinated by the tilapia
I wonder what they are thinking?
There are red and blue light spectrum led lights to help the herbs grow
led red and blue light grow herbs
All very scientific.
Leaving the AG we walked back into town taking in the police station and the market where I left our lovely friends so they could drive over to the Incredible Farm.

before I end this blog I must just show you just some of the lovely gifts from Japan we have been given
just a few of the gifts given to us by visitors from japan
the beautiful Ōmihachiman book is out being enjoyed.

All in all June was an incredible month.

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