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Incredible call from police

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Once I would have panicked if I got a call from the cops

Have I done something bad I cant remember, Has someone I love been knocked down by a bus? All the kinds of things that would have gone through my head before IET .
Not any more, now I know when I get a call from our police it’s going to be something good. Sure enough this time it was Incredible Inspector Browning with some fab flower pots, propagators and liquid plant food for us.

It’s great that our Calderdale force donates useful seized item to us and other community groups, it is so much more sensible than just dumping it. Maybe all forces should be doing this, if you are an incredible group why not contact your force and suggest it.
Maybe the Gendarmerie could start doing this for our French cousins too.

If any French police officers would like to visit and find out more we will happily show them around and can exchange ideas we know Inspector Browning would be happy to meet them for a chat about how Todmorden police and community work together.

Note to self, brush up on my French

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