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Incredible Edible Burnley?

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Is it possible?

Well it is a strong possibility, and would be great to have another incredible edible just along the road.
Last Sunday we had a visit from Rob who came over to find out about us, he said he would tell Burnley folk what we were doing here and see if anyone would come back with him to see for themselves.
A man of his word sure enough he was back today with 20 more people

Mary gave a presentation and explained what we do and why we do it. It was a very lively presentation broken up by questions rather than a Q&A at the end.

We walked part of the green route down to the health centre and back up to the market, which they were all very impressed with, I lost several for a while to ham corner and the pie man, but we soon all came together again and tasty treats in and to munch, we went on to the College, graveyard and Police station.
These guys were great asked very pertinent questions and tasted the flowers, seeds, curly kale and black beans.
The mini bus driver came too and he really got what we were doing.
so Incredible Edible Burnley is possible and hopefully will happen. Just watch this space.

on my way back to the studio I saw a young mum who had just picked some herbs and herd her say to her young daughter. “ We will take these home for daddy for the dinner”

I’m sure daddy cooked something incredible.

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